Creating communication, its content and style, obtaining proficiency in shaping communication, exchanging information and opinions in the media, companies, the market and society.


  • TV, radio, press and internet media
  • Advertising, public relations, media agencies
  • State, local government institutions
  • Companies, public organizations, foundations

You can become:

A public relations specialist or a manager in companies, politics, organizations. You will form the relationship between the company and society through communication in various media, being in charge of the image that your customers project in society. In capacity of a press secretary, you will collaborate with the media and prepare information for the press. You will know how to efficiently react to negative publications and how to present the good news.

Internal communications specialist or manager. You will develop the company's internal culture, communication, subordination according to its nature and goals. You will take care of employee relations, mood, motivation and productivity.

Digital communications specialist or manager. You will elaborate and create audiovisual content on digital media, social media and other platforms. Your work will ensure that customers can promote their products and services in the most cutting-edge way that corresponds to contemporary outlook.

Head of communication sphere or direction in the company. You will be responsible for managing various directions of company communication, for example, with private or business clients. You will inspire the friendship toward your company and gain support wherever it is necessary. You will be the author of advertisement texts and be in charge of all textual material that appears in the advertisement. You will have a discretion to choose the right words to reach your audience.

Creative director of advertising. You will head the development of creative advertising ideas with the assistance of text authors, artists, filmmakers and photographers, as well as communicate with the client. Your work will determine whether the advertisement will be uniform, effective and demonstrate high quality in all media.

Advertising and communication strategist. Develops a brand action strategy based on market and audience research. Your job will determine if the chosen path to achieve the goal will be the right one.

Advertising, marketing, communication project manager. A liaison ensuring communication and collaboration between a client and an agency, a creative director and a director, an artist, and a printing house. Your work is dedicated to ensuring that the development of the project proceeds smoothly.

Organizer of promotional events. Organizes events aimed at promoting sales or brand awareness. You will make sure that the marketing activity is successful, attracts attention and meets its goals.

Company communication specialist. Ensures daily communication content creation and implementation. You will be able to understand the wishes and preferences of customers, and support the development of various business projects.

Editor of corporate news releases. Creates materials that inform the company's customers and employees about news and current events. It depends on your skills whether the information about the company will be sufficiently interesting to be read.

Editor. Editors of different levels plan and create content for portals, magazines and newspapers. You will make sure that the material, text and other statements to be released are both appropriate for the style of the respective media and interesting to the audience.

Journalist. Collects materials, analyses various topics and events following the assignments by the editorial board, or acts independently. You will provide the public with information that will shape their views.

Reporter. Participates in press conferences, holds interviews, gathers information at various venues and presents it in the form of news. Thanks to you, the public will receive information directly from the scene of the event.

Reviewer. Descriptor and compiler of important events in various fields, such as politics, sports or culture. Your work will enable the audience, without being present, to enter into the spirit and get an idea of the field or its individual manifestations.

Commentator. A specialist in the field and an authority who expresses his or her perspective regarding the ongoing processes in various forms and media. Your personality and professionalism will be able to elevate the public opinion or vice versa.

Social media and network specialist. You will be well versed in the specifics of communication in new media. You will advise customers and recommend more efficient uses of the opportunities offered by Internet.

Blogger. Publishes a blog online, attracts advertisers or sponsors, or creates custom blogs for clients. Your writing skills have a capacity to address readers very personally, forming their opinions.

Producer of broadcasts. Seeks ideas, participates in project development, attracts funding, oversees implementation. You will create new channels of entertainment and information.

Screenwriter. Generates creative ideas and writes texts. You will present the idea of the broadcast in an engaging way.

Host of a broadcast. Announces the stories, tells about topics and events or participates in them. You will be the "face" and "voice" of the broadcast.

Media specialist. Researches and knows the specifics of each media. You will know and be able to suggest which media channel is most suitable for the purpose of communication.

Media planner. Plans the placement of campaign materials and purchases media airtime and space. You will place the advertisement in the most effective way to reach the target audience.

Sectoral enterprise manager. Sets quality standards, goals and tone in media, advertising or public relations agencies and companies. You can create the communication channel you want and feel the need for.