Searching, collecting, selecting, organizing, storing, distributing and marketing information. A sound occupational choice in the information age.


  • State and commercial structures requiring information processing
  • Libraries
  • Archives
  • Information centres
  • Creators and maintainers of information systems

You can become:

Archivist. The archivist accepts and stores the materials stored in the archive. Accumulates, evaluates and describes the documents. You can ensure that archive systems provide effective access to materials.

Librarian. An employee who compiles and catalogues documents and books, manages the library's information resources and provides a search engine. You can help people find important information or suggest exciting reading material.

Document management specialist. A specialist who, based on regulatory enactments and standards, is able to correctly design and prepare various types of documents. Your work helps the ideas evolve smoothly and avoid hindrances caused by “paperwork”.

Document systems manager. Creates, manages, controls and audits the document system. You will ensure that each document can be found in its place.

Library information specialist. A specialist who knows and creates library information systems, introduces modern information and communication technologies therein. You can enhance the capacity of libraries by making them more convenient and popular.

Information systems specialist. Well versed in the latest information and communication technology solutions, evaluates the usefulness of the information system and compliance with user needs, determines user satisfaction. You will be able to implement and develop new, more efficient information management solutions.

Information analyst. Collects and analyses information, prepares reports and proposals substantiated by the results of the analysis. Based on your analysis and recommendations, it is possible to improve the organizational processes in any sector.

Information centre employee. The information centres offer its clients various types of specific information, such as tourism, employment or fund issues. You will ensure that this information is well-prepared, organized and ready for presentation.

Creator of informative materials. A specialist who develops and prepares materials on information management. You can provide companies, the public, employees and customers with knowledge of current events in the sector.