You have been approved for Erasmus+; what to do now?

  • Ascertain which of the selected higher education institutions you have been approved for!
  • Explore all available information on the website of your host higher education institution (Incoming students)!
  • Verify the deadline for submitting documents set by your host higher education institution (Deadlines for application)!
  • Check the required form of application (online, by mail, etc.)!
  • Check what documents you will need to submit when applying to your host higher education institution!
  • Inspect the validity period of your passport – it must be valid 3 months after the planned return date from studies at a foreign university!
  • Wait for an informative e-mail from the coordinator at UL FSS!
  • Submit the application form to the faculty coordinator (room 331), – by submitting this form, the student confirms his / her participation in the Erasmus + programme! (Application form will be sent to you by the coordinator).
  • Explore offers of dormitories, residence halls and room reservations, as well as the dates and deadlines thereof!
  • Keep track of all deadlines and check your email regularly!
  • Prepare the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – it is issued by the National Health Service free of charge immediately + arrange for additional assessment of your health condition, because a doctor's visit abroad is more expensive!


  • 1.5 ECTS = 1 LV credit point

  • UL recommends sending the application documents 2 weeks before the closing date of deadline

  • Frequently requested documents: transcript of records, learning agreement or tripartite agreement on the content of your exchange studies.

  • Before completing the learning agreement, the course coordination must be carried out with the programme director by e-mail, and a statement of commitment must be signed – it will be sent to you by the coordinator of the UL FSS.

  • When the documents are ready to be sent, the faculty coordinator may advise the student to contact the UL Department of Student Services, Mobility Division.

  • Erasmus+ mobility (studies + internship) can be done by the same student at each study level for a total of 12 months.

  • Scholarship disbursement: 90% of the awarded scholarship amount as an advance payment, while 10% are paid after receipt of the student's individual report after the exchange period.

  • After sending the application, most foreign higher education institutions send the student an official letter of acceptance (German: Aufnahmebestätigung).


Contact information and details of the University of Latvia:


Address: Raiņa bulvāris 19, Riga LV-1586, Latvia Erasmus code: LV RIGA 01

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator: Sintija Maculeviča

Department of Student Services, Mobility Division,

Tel. (+371) 67033968;


Additional information and consultations: or in person (prior appointment required), room 331.