Media laboratory

The Media Laboratory (Media Lab) of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia is an academic unit of the Advanced Social and Political Research Institute (ASPRI) of the UL, which carries out research and organisational and coordinating activities necessary for the development of the field, promoting science communication in the society.


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The Media Lab’s aims are as follows:

  • to promote interdisciplinary research on media at the UL, integrate its results into academia, academic education and popularising it in society;
  • to participate in open calls for international and local scientific and applied research programmes and calls for proposals, and fundraising;
  • to develop different research strands (social, humanities, natural and exact sciences) based on media and communication research approaches;
  • to develop and consolidate research profiles on media in the Latvian scientific community;
  • to bring Latvian media and communication research activities to the international media research community, to coordinate and promote professional cooperation;
  • to support and engage young scientists in the international community.

Director Dr. sc. comm. Laura Ardava-Āboliņa