The operation of the University of Latvia Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research is based on innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation amongst the UL faculties, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and other Latvian and international institutions, as well as diaspora researchers worldwide.

The Centre is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


To become an internationally recognised research centre in the field of diaspora and migration studies.


To contribute to the sustainable development of Latvian state and society, as well as to the development of research in Latvia and Europe through in-depth study of the diaspora and migration.


  • To promote contemporary, creative and internationally recognised migration and diaspora research at the UL.
  • To create modern, high-quality and interdisciplinary knowledge base on diaspora and migration issues.
  • To promote integration into international research networks and to develop publications for international organisations (OECD and others).
  • To promote awareness of diaspora and migration issues in society.
  • To provide intellectual support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and other public institutions and corporate enterprises in matters of diaspora and migration.


  • To systematise information on diaspora and migration research, develop a network of researchers, maintain and expand it.
  • To publish diaspora and migration research in international peer-reviewed editions.
  • To develop research directions, in which the UL already holds significant capacity and knowledge – diaspora history, education, identity, transnationalism and translocality, social memory, diaspora geography – and to develop new research directions.
  • To build an intellectual base and support for students who want to explore migration and diaspora-related topics.
  • To offer lectures, lecture courses, guest lectures for academic study programmes.
  • To popularise the University of Latvia and the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research in Latvian society and the international environment by promoting cooperation among Latvian and foreign scientists, lecturers and students.
  • To call for cooperation among national, local and non-governmental organisations, professionals in the field of culture, entrepreneurs, media and communication specialists.
  • Through exploring the best practices of European-level diaspora and migration research think tanks, to develop dynamic policy consulting to contribute to targeted improvement of diaspora and migration policies.
  • To identify representatives of the Latvian diaspora and to cooperate with them in modern and complex studies of migration processes by establishing a system of communication, proposal submission and dissemination of relevant information to diaspora organisations.