Before leaving for exchange studies, an application for studying abroad and a form regarding arrangements to complete Part A courses addressed to the dean and signed by the student and the programme director are submitted to the faculty coordinator.

Based on this application, an order on studies abroad is prepared in the first two weeks of the semester.

During the registration week, you must register in the LU information system (LUIS) for the next study semester, Part A study courses and course paper, if it is provided for according to the study plan.

An order to extend the examination session is issued a few weeks before the session.

Observe the deadlines for language test, midterm reports and other deadlines.

If an emergency situation occurs, you must immediately inform the Department of Student Services, Mobility Division and the faculty coordinator.

When you return, fill in all the online tests, which you will receive by e-mail and submit all the required documents to the Department of Student Services, Mobility Division.

The second scholarship payment in the amount of 10% is transferred to the student's account within 30 days after the online submission of the Erasmus+ student's individual report and the submission of all report documents to the Department of Student Services, Mobility Division.

Submit a transcript of records received abroad to the study methodologist, – based on this document, recognition of your study results will be performed.

If the transcript of records from the foreign higher education institution is delayed, then during the registration week, together with the study methodologist, recalculate the value of credit points for each course from ECTS to specify the value of study courses to be acquired and the distribution thereof across the parts of the programme.

Observe the deadline for the extension of the examination session, take into account that all assignments and examinations must be passed at least 5 working days before the end of this deadline, to enable the lecturers to check and evaluate your study results.

To give other students more detailed information about the foreign higher education institution of your choice, share your experience and lessons learned upon your return.

Further information: or in person (by previous appointment), room 331.