Visvaldis Valtenbergs, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher,


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Research areas: political participation, deliberative practices, social movements, territorial governance. Impact of ICT and new technologies (artificial intelligence and quantum computing) in politics and governance (technopolitics). Scientific leader of state research programs, leading researcher. Member of international research networks – COST, Quantum Humanities Network. Fulbright and IVLP scholarship recipient. Received Master's degree from the New School University, New York. Area specialization - countries of the Southeast Asian region.

Courses taught

  • International and global communication (3 ECTS, BSP)
  • Data society management (3 ECTS, MSP)
  • Network theories (3 ECTS, MSP)
  • Municipalities in Europe and Latvia (3 ECTS, MSP)

Key publications


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Valtenbergs, V. (2017). Development of Cities in the Baltic Sea Region. Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration, 22(1), 73-98. Available: ISSN 2001-7405

González, A., Daly, G., Pinch, P., Adams, N., Valtenbergs, V., Burns, M.C., Johanneson, H. (2015) Indicators for Spatial Planning and Territorial Cohesion: Stakeholder-Driven Selection Approach for Improving Usability at Regional and Local Levels. Regional Studies. Published Online. DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2015.1018883. Available: